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Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage Pare
Prendwick Way
Willetton 6155
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Perth Western Australia

Welcome to Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage.

My name is Roslyn Fry and I have been enjoying helping parents and/or guardians gain the knowledge of baby massage along with the it's magical benefits, since 2015.

What an amazing addition to my life skills, the best decision I have ever made!

Being a Registered Nurse I am able to explain how massage assists baby's continuous development of their little bodies.

Massaging your baby is a beautiful & loving way to begin a lifelong emotional dance & relationship.

All courses are $130 including a free baby massage oil & Parent Manual. Sessions are 1 hour, once weekly for 4 weeks.

You will love the blend of baby massage being followed with a yummy mummy massage. I will look after your baby so you can relax into your massage given by Nikki (from $40). Nikki is on maternity leave and Tegan is doing your lovely relaxing massage until Nikki's return.

Dad's are not forgotten, they will be able to enjoy a neck and shoulder massage.

Morning Tea is provided for a gold coin donation. All attendees completing their courses will receive a thank-you gift of a FREE Photoshoot supplied by Lighthouse Photography, PLUS a FREE A4 photo. Write a review on my Facebook page and receive another FREE A4 photo.

Opening Hours

Monday 9am – 5pm Wednesday 9am – 5pm

Morning courses during summer are 9am – 10am or 9.30am – 10.30am

During winter are 10am – 11am

Afternoon courses are 1pm – 2pm all year

Available for phone calls each day from 2pm onwards & happy to be contacted in evenings if required.

Course Prices

Group Courses up to 6 clients $130 inc FREE oil & Parent Manual

Private Courses $160 inl FREE oil & Parent Manual

Course Deposit – non refundable $40 deducted from total cost

Adult Massage $40 for 30minutes

Gift Vouchers available on request

Baby Massage Oils

Buriti Baby Massage Oil $15

Sesame Baby Massage Oil $15

Cetaphil Baby Massage Oil $10

Gaia Baby Massage Oil $8

Thankyou Baby Massage Oil $8


Infant Massage Instructor Manual for Parents $30

DVD – Parent Manual $45

Demonstration Doll $70 plus p&h


Bring a friend and receive a 10% discount


Peek-A-Boo Infant massage- sent from Yong Lee via email

Roslyn, the Infant Massage Instructor is a very kind and patient teacher. She is very good with teaching me, providing good helpful strategies to not only bond with my baby, but also good tips in helping baby and me to relax with massages.

Roslyn is very knowledgeable with not only what she taught me (in passing her wisdom about baby massage) but also about general knowledge about babies due to her nursing experiences.

My cousin joined the infant massage with her toddler, alongside with my 4 month old baby, and Roslyn has handled both my baby and my cousin’s toddler very well. She made us feel so relax and comfortable and we are able to learn so much in that environment. The fees are also very reasonable.

We always look forward to the infant massage class every week and also catching up with the mothers for morning tea. It is a sure way to connect with mums and exchanging resources about babies. I am grateful of the knowledge by Roslyn regarding massages and babies.

I would recommend all mums to join Roslyn’s infant massage class as I really benefit from Roslyn’s class.

Give it a go, all mums!

Best Regards,
Yong Lee
sent via email

Tracy Peacock reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

March 8 ·

We just finished our baby massage course and couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. Roslyn is so kind and welcoming, a great teacher, great with the babies and full of practical and helpful advice. I now have the confidence to calm and relax my baby (and myself) using the techniques and skills learnt in the sessions, and look forward to continuing building a stronger bond with my little one.

Sarah Peirce reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

May 3 ·

Thank you so much Ros for an amazing 4 week course!! You are passionate about what you do and really shows when teaching. I love that you cover all aspects of massage and Oliver loves getting them from me now. Highly recommend getting in touch with Ros & booking in with her!! Thank you again

Lynne Duddy reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

April 4 ·

We recently completed a 4 week infant massage course with Roslyn. It was so relaxing for both babies and mums and I would highly recommend Peek-a-Boo as Roslyn welcomed us into her home for the sessions. Roslyn is professional and a wealth of knowledge and was more than happy to share that with us while offering any help and support along the way and afterwards too

Lita Grogan reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

June 11 at 11:09 PM ·

A beautiful relaxing environment to take your baby... you will find Ros fully informed of all infant care, a wonderful relaxed person to share a new baby experience.
Ros is also very experienced in all those little teething problems we may have when bringing our treasures home. We valued all the information she was able to share

Lilanthi Weddikkara reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

May 18 ·

We just completed the 4 week baby massage course with Roslyn and I couldn’t recommend it more. Ros really knows her stuff and gave us all the skills to confidently help soothe our babies. Worth every cent!

PeiWey Siow reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

October 28, 2017 ·

My 4-month-old and I did a four-week baby massage class with Roslyn and it was fantastic! Roslyn is so very patient and generous with her time. We couldn't attend one of the classes as bub was sick and Roslyn stayed back the next time to catch me up. She made sure we knew the importance of massage for our babies and takes time to make sure we get all our strokes right. She is definitely a wealth of knowledge about babies, not just baby massage. I highly recommend doing a baby massage class with Roslyn!

Li Maggie reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

December 13, 2017 ·

My 7 month-old and I did four baby massage class with Roslyn and it was fantastic! Roslyn is so patient with me and the bub and generous with her time. She made sure we knew the importance of massage for our babies and the teaching strategies are very impressive and helpful. My bub and I benefit a lot from the message. I highly recommend doing a baby massage class with Roslyn!

Suzanne Cook reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

October 18, 2017 ·

i did a group class and found it to be very well taught and very informative.

The class was set out well and we were all given plenty of time to learn the stokes. I was late one class (baby Brain!!!) but Roselyn stayed back and went over the class with me afterwards

King Yien Lau reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

October 25, 2017 ·

Roslyn is such a friendly, passionate and easy going person/educator! We had our infant massage lessons with Roslyn and its one of the great learning experiences that we have thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for being so patient at going through things with us and making all lessons something that we look forward to

Haylie Barrett reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

October 31, 2017 ·

I loved the massage classes with Roslyn. I took my little man when he was a few months old. It is very informative, i learnt so much more than just massage technique & our lil man absolutely loved the massages & exercises. We are still doing it more than a year later 😊 Great value so worth it.

Tracy Pik San Kum reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

October 11, 2017 ·

Roslyn is friendly and easy going person. She do free hand printing for my 5mo and 3.5yo girls upon request. I love her concept baby massage is a tool to have newly dad to bond with the bub. I would highly recommended her to my friends.

Megan Wade reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

November 14, 2017 ·

Roslyn is a knowledgeable instructor, she is very patient taking the time to check your technique and correct in a friendly manner. You can tell how passionate Roslyn is about passing on the benefits of baby massage after spending a short time with her. Thanks for sharing your time Roslyn

Charlotte Slowey reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

May 14, 2016 ·

Roslyn was so friendly and easy to get along with. A friend and I completed a 4 week baby massage course with Roslyn and it was fantastic! She was so knowledgeable and if she did not know the answers to some of our questions straight away she would go and research the answer for the next week, brining print outs and handouts for us! It was a real pleasure to complete the course and I would highly recommend Roslyn.

Graciela Acosta reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

May 13, 2016 ·

Roslyn came to us when my baby was 3 months old & I was at the end of my rope. Roslyn was very kind and generous with her time with us. She's very knowledgeable and personable, a lovely person. After spending some time at PMH my baby did not like to be touched, massage relaxed my baby & showed him not all touch is bad. I still massage him every night. I highly recommend Roslyn's services.

Matthew Nicole Savill reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

October 19, 2016 ·

Love love love our massage classes with Roslyn!! Tegan has the biggest smile and can't wait to get started each week! She had the most fun loving the massage and I learnt so much not only about massage! Roslyn has a wealth of knowledge she imparts too :)
Was such a relaxed atmosphere and love our chats after too. We will miss our Wednesdays with Roslyn and highly recommend to everyone!! It's not just the little bubs that benefit as you can use similar techniques with older children which we also learnt. Thank you soooooo much from Nicole and Tegan

Rebecca Cheah reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

December 1, 2016 ·

I been attending the 4 weeks baby massage class with Roslyn. Highly recommended this massage class as it will helps your baby feel more relax &,sleep better etc. Roslyn is very good & patient in teaching the massage class.

Emma Cross reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

June 13, 2016 ·

Really enjoyed our in home workshop. Roslyn was full of knowledge and we have incorporated massage into our nighttime wind down routine with both our children.

Emina Minka Hasanovic reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

May 14, 2016 ·

Very friendly eazy going would differently recommend her service. Thank you

Cyrus Roussilhes reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

December 29, 2016 ·

Anything they helps parents and newborns sleep sounder and grow healthier is a god-send.

Zoe Muller reviewed Peek-a-Boo Infant Massage — 5 star

November 14, 2016 ·

Roslyn is a naturally caring person and excellent communicator/educator. I love her classes and have gained so much needed peace and quiet from them! Would recommend her classes to anyone wanting a calm, relaxed, well rested baby!



  • Infant Massage Instructor – enables me to teach parents and other care givers how to safely use massage on their baby with all the benefits.
  • Additional Needs Unit 1: Autismit is important to have these children learn to be able accept touch in both an upward and downward direction.
  • Additional Needs Unit 3: Downs Syndromethese children are extremely open and we need to give them the ability to become more centred in life.
  • Additional Needs Unit 4: Asthmamassaging is exceptional beneficial for stimulating the lungs to enable deep breathing thus reducing mucus build-up.
  • CPD Series 3: Understanding Preterm Babiesit has been proven to assist with growth, and to strengthen lung development also immunity .
  • CPD Series 4: Infant feeding & common digestive complaints
    the first 6 months - Babies with these issues need massage to simulate the vagus nerve which is directly impacted on the whole digestive system
  • Registered NurseI have been a Registered Nurse for 40 years working in many areas.
  • ABC Plus Baby Clinic and Adult Clinic Nurse - here I assist parents with seeing their baby’s growth through weight, length and head measurements. Also offer any advice required. Preventative and ongoing health managements for adults. All attended to within Pharmacies.
  • Business Owner for 3 years
  • Dog SitterWe have commenced this beautiful work since January 2018 and have already achieved a Preferred Sitter, Reliable sitter and 5 other required badges

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